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How to perform safe from-chair transfers without injuring your back


As you help move someone in your care from chair to bed and back again, keep in mind that you should move your body as a unit and avoid twisting. Bend at the knees and stay close to the person. (Think of how you would carry a laundry basket. When you keep it close to your body, it seems to weigh less, and the same is true for moving a person.) Besides saving your back, you will offer a more secure hold as you lift.



 Figure 1:Lock the wheels and then help the person slide toward the front of the chair. Put your arms around the person's hips (if using a transfer belt, grasp the belt on both sides). Butt your knees against the person's knees and ask her to lean forward and if possible to push up with her arms. Lean back, slowly lifting the person toward you.
 Figure 2: Once you have assisted the person to standing, stay close as if you were dancing, and either pivot or stabilize her while taking small steps toward the bed. Keep your hands at the person's hips and upper back.
 Figure 3: When at the bed, bend your knees and lower the person onto the bed, having her sit back as far as possible. Support the person's head and shoulders with one arm and hand and place your other arm under her knees. Gently lift her legs onto the bed and make her comfortable.


Wheelchair users to car

This is useful, thanks, but the aspect of moving from wheelchair that we have the most trouble with is getting into a car. In comparison a bed is easy, given all the angles and the size of the car seat etc!

At the moment I used a slideboard and then car the chair with a wheel chair lift, but if you have any better recommendations Id love to hear them!!

My father recently had one

She's been so excited now that shes able to get up and down on her own rather then wait for any body to help her.

My daughter is disabled and

My daughter is disabled and is reliant upon her father and I to help her get around. This is a great tutorial on how to lift from a wheelchair to a bed. If you are helping a young person get into the bed, like me, you may want to consider getting bed rails.This well help prevent the person from falling out of bed as well.