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Caring Today, is dedicated to supporting the health and well-being of family caregivers, a vast community of caring people who selflessly take charge of a loved one’s health when they are unable to care for themselves. Originally, we reached family caregivers though our magazine, Caring Today, providing 1.6 million caregivers with information, resources and support. Today, to be more accessible Caring Today is a digital magazine, offering our fellow family caregivers direct access to our information and expert network.

Our goal is to serve the family caregiving community by offering valuable advice, researching the industry and recommending the professional resources and tips that will best fit your needs to help ensure you live a life that’s your own, one that’s balanced, connected and most importantly, provides you with feelings of well-being.

Everyone associated with Caring Today is or has been a family caregiver. We have walked in your shoes and it is our mission to help you elevate your quality of life, especially when it feels the hardest to lift yourself up. As part of our Caring Today family you are never alone so don’t hesitate to reach out at any time. (

Help Yourself. Help Others.


Victor Imbimbo
Owner Caring Today

My blog, Care for the Caregiver, delivers information and resources to help family caregivers, those noble people who accept responsibility supervising a loved one’s healthcare, achieve a more healthy and positive life. Will these blogs completely end the daily stress caregiver’s experience? Of course not! However, I do believe the information will bring you one step closer to achieving a healthy and more sustainable quality-of-life. Bio